Why Greek?

Living and Eating the Mediterranean Way ~ At Yanni’s, we strongly believe that a Mediterranean lifestyle is one that leads gyroto a longer, healthier and happier life.

Featuring traditional Greek cuisine ~  Leg of lamb, beef, chicken & gyro are presented in a variety of dishes, from the Greek-style sandwich wrap to gourmet platters.

Complementing these standard offerings are spanakopita, saganaki, dolmas and, of course, our traditional Greek salads and flavorful soups. Rounding out the menu are our classic sweet favorites.  Bring your own wine and beer.  Fountain drinks, coffee, lemonade and bottled water are available.

Couple these award winning dishes with the familiar warm hospitality of the Greek culture offered by a caring staff, and you will relish our refreshingly different dining experience.

Don’t have time to eat in with us…stop by on your way and pick it up "To Go"

We also offer full service catering. Contact us here!