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    Greek food is simple and elegant, with flavors subtle to robust, textures smooth to crunchy, fresh and timeless, nutritious and healthy. Here at Yanni’s Greek Café, preparing and enjoying Greek food is an adventurous journey into the cradle of Greek civilization and the land of the Gods of Olympus. Come and join us and discover, taste, and experience fine home cooking that our country is famous for.
  • Discover our Heritage

    When Greeks cook, the emphasis is on sociability and celebration. Food keeps great conversations flowing and our spirits rising allowing diners to reminisce about times long past – childhood memories, children baptized or married, and most importantly “οικογένεια” (oikogéneia family). It is around food and the table that Greek life unfolds and revolves into a celebration of both food and people.
  • BYOB

    At Yannis, we believe in making the most of everything. We encourage those who wish, to bring their own beverage. So, bring your favorite beer or wine when you come and visit!
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    Where Great Greek Food

    With Great Family and Friends

    Always Ends with Great Talk

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